Friday, August 17, 2007

Pemberian seorang teman.

Seumur hidup aku inilah kali pertama aku mengenakan "menatang " ni.

Cufflinks are items of male jewelry that are used in dressy shirts in lieu of buttons on the sleeves. A relatively recent innovation in male attire, cufflinks supplanted the old-fashioned tie which previously held men's shirt sleeves closed at the wrist, and were themselves supplanted by buttoning cuffs.

Cufflinks are still in vogue for formal wear, and require that the dress shirt be made with French cuffs. These are sleeve ends that are longer than the arm to the wrist, so that uncuffed, they fall to the knuckles. The sleeve is folded back one turn, and then clipped together with the cufflinks through the 'buttonholes,' a misnomer here, since there is one hole on each side and no button.

Buat Saudara Mohd Termizi Othman,

terima kasih daun keladi,
kalau ada lebih,
lain kali boleh bagi lagi.


indica said...
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McBudu said...

Wow, did he really give u a pair of cufflinks? Or a butang baju Melayu... you better make sure...! But I remember seeing him wearing one somewhere..! Was it a Tiffany Or a Cartier ?

indica said...

member ko tu mmg pemurah, hrp2 murah rezeki dia.

Cuba ko tgk brand apa? Mcbudu teka cartier. Ambrosetti kot?

Anonymous said...

Betul-betul pemurahla member hang tu, kalaula saya kenal orang macam tu..haiiiiii

Pak Yob said...

he..he..rezeki dia memang murah..insyaallah sebelum hujung tahun ni dapatla surat naik pangkat tu...