Friday, December 30, 2005

Kreatif, Bakat dan ....

aku baru balik minum pagi dengan Mr.Mangga, so we shared a lot of opinions on some cases, then the chatting session turns to "heated" discussion when we throw our thoughts on "Creativity".....Mr. Mangga bombarded me with tons of his "very own" idea...then he gets the counter attacks..but finally we found the "Titik Persamaan", so both agreed that creativity lives in various forms...its too wide to be define. Mr.Mangga stands firmly with his "Phylosophy" that Drawing is the key to developing a creative minds, basically i do agree with him, so he cannot get mad at me...he..he..but for me there's thousands of "tools" than can helps developing a creative mind..of course Mr.Mangga agreed on that that's it we a get a "deadlocked" and a "win-win" situation...pada aku kreatif ni adalah suatu yang memang dimiliki oleh semua insan, tidak ada insan yang tidak kreatif....dan tidak ada insan yang boleh mendakwa dirinya lebih kreatif dari orang lain...cumanya mungkin pulangan daya kreativiti antara mereka itu berbeza, sebagai contoh kreativiti seorang pelukis dan kreativiti seorang peniaga..seorang pelukis mempunyai kreativiti yang tinggi dalam menghasilkan lukisan hingga mencapai taraf "state of the art", tapi mungkin kreativitinya dalam kaedah bagaimana memasarkan lukisan itu tidak setinggi kreativiti seorang peniaga. Adakah seni itu kreatif? kita boleh menyanyi sebijik macam suara siti nurhaliza itu dikira kreatif? kita mampu memandu laju seperti Fernando Alonso (Schumacher dah out of date..) itu kreatif? atau kita tak pandai melukis bererti kita tidak kreatif? kita tak pandai bermain alat muzik kita tak kreatif? atau adakah bakat itu datangnya bersama kreatif? bolehkah bakat itu berkembang tanpa ada daya kreativiti? mampukah kreativiti direalisasikan tanpa bakat? , semua persoalan ini pastinya mengundang pelbagai jawapan yang berbeza. Ada insan boleh berfikir secara kreatif, tapi tidak mempunyai bakat untuk merealisasikannya tanpa bantuan insan lain...contohnya Jurulatih bolasepak kreatif dalam merencanakan strategi tapi mungkin dia sebenarnya bukan seorang pemain bolasepak yang berbakat, begitu juga pemain bolasepak yang mempunyai kemahiran yang tinggi tapi jika dia tidak kreatif dalam mengkoordinasikan pergerakkannya dalam padang mungkin dia tidak dianggap sebagai seorang pemain yang kreatif dan boleh dipersoalkan adakah dia benar2 seorang pemain yang berbakat? atau adakah kreativiti kita hanya boleh diperakui oleh pihak lain? siapa sebenarnya yang berhak melabel seseorang itu kreatif atau tidak? Mengapa kreativiti itu lebih diperakui dalam bidang seni? mengapa seorang ketua jabatan yang jabatannya berjaya memberikan perkhidmatan yang cemerlang dan berkesan jarang kedengaran dilabel sebagai seorang yang kreatif? so pada aku semua insan itu ada daya kreativiti masing-masing, cuma bidangnya yang berbeza.


McBudu said...

Well, I love to read topics focusing on Creative and Creativity, two almost similar words, but sometimes carry slightly different meanings. In my readings I stumbled upon wise people define Creative as “The ability to create. Imaginative, innovative, artistic. Characterized by being original or new. Formed by a new process. Having the ability to create. Designed to stimulate the imagination.

AND they define Creativity as “The process of being creative. A series of actions which create new ideas, thoughts and physical objects”.

I believe that we're all born with creativity but are eventually conditioned not to use it. Many gurus of imaginative thinking revealed their strategies for accessing and unleashing our creative prowess. There is a question “How are some people naturally more creative than others? We can imagine that there's a huge misconception about the difference between "creativity" and "talent" In any endeavor, there are tremendously talented people who aren't creative - people who can sing someone else's songs really well or do a copycat of a totally beautiful painting, but they don't necessarily bring in new ideas. Creativity is bringing new ideas. While I believe talent is genetic, I think everyone has creativity. Everybody has good days when they come up with decent ideas. So one of the things we got to do is get people to recognize what it is they do on their good days so they can do it more frequently.

Well. I’m not an expert I got all these junks from other more creative people.

Pak Yob said...

aik! camna contoh mengenai pandai menyanyi dengan melukis yang budakbudu cakap ni boleh sama dengan contoh yang aku bagi masa "berdebat" dengan Mr.Mangga tadi?

indica said...

Actually, my point of view revolves around the development of creativity itself and 'art' is one of the tools.
Art is a term too broad, so i narrowed it down to fine arts then visual arts which I then zoomed it to painting or drawing that plays significant role in developing creativity esp in young minds. In the process, they will learn how to see things in different perspectives, what color to choose, what pattern suits best. Thru art they're free to express their ideas,aspirations, emotions, whatever. Art too can arouse aesthetics and moral feeling in human being. They will become more observant of their surroundings.
Should I say someone who's less appreciative towards art is a person less humane? It's undeniable that creativity lies everywhere, but how ppl become creative appeals most to me.

Last but not least, thanks for the nasi lemak telur goreng... he he