Monday, January 19, 2009

What If Mr. Hitler.....

The current situation in Gaza bring back the memories of Mr. Adolf Hitler, the most notorious anti-semite. One time public enemy number one, mr Hitler known for his so-called ruthless unhuman act by slaughtering the jews…why he hated the jews so much? he blames the jews for the lost of economic stability and bring the german to disunity during his spell. At least 6 million jews were killed during that holocaust.

Pak Yob not trying to praise Hitler or totally blame him for what is happening in Gaza at the moment, but the fact that his action more or less contributed to the Israel existence, this bloody nation exist because of sympathy on global basis, GB gave Israel to the jews and the devilish USA become the first nation to recognized Israel as an independent state, it also showered the jews with financial , military and moral support. Israel are considered as USA’s son of a ****..

But i am wondering what if Mr Hitler succeeded in totally banishing the jews or what if Mr Hitler not even give them a pinch ….i guess nobody knows what would happen to the Palestinian today.

Mr Hitler and his Nazis might be the “missing link” behind the resurrection of the jews, but was he really what he’s been potrayed in the media or it just a manipulated information by media mogul Rupert Murdoch (guess what…he’s a jew), manipulated or not Mr. Hitler clearly not in a good book in the history of mankind….he will always be in the same chapter as Pol Pot or Jack The Ripper and of course Olmert and his "size ten" puppet...Mr. Bush.

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McBudu said...

Israel gunakan Hitler sebagai modal untuk meraih simpati dunia. Betul atau tidak Hitler membunuh ribuah orang Yahudi, sapa pun tak tahu. Memang tepat kata DrM 'Israel uses proxy to kill the Muslim'