Monday, January 19, 2009

New Coffee shop in town.

Yesterday night I had my dinner at this new kopitiam in Bangi. The name is Oldtimer Kopi. As i’m not having their “best from kitchen” which is the chicken soup as mentioned by the waiter, so not much to comment regarding the menu, i just settled with nasi lemak ( tak cukup meriah la…not at par with oldtown white coffee’s and Ravi corner subang) and teh tarik…and this is my verdict..

Menu: ok…maybe next time i'll try the noodles…
Price: affordable..tapi tak boleh diamalkan selalu..why? a glass of Teh Tarik cost you Rm2.20.
Customer Service: Pantasss… the waiters are polite.
Recommendation customer: who else…the oldtimer….and you.

The Menu...nice graphic work..atleast..the face looks familiar eh..

The Nasi cost you can count the ikan bilis in split second...
This self proclaimed "best coffee in town" (sounds like jose mourinho during his chelsea day) coffee shop is located just behind Al-zahra medical centre...try it yourself to know it better.

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