Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Buy Indons (new Malaysian Soccer foreign policy)

looking at how successful Selangor team pulling their fans back to fill up their Gigantic stadium was more valuable than winning the cup....selangor cash-in from their gate collection far better than the cash prize they bags by winning a Treble this season. Well, we all knew that the Fans are not 100% selangor fans, there are big percentage among them coming to the stadium just to support Bambang Pamungkas and Elie Aiboy....see how smart selangor team management are. They not just getting a big talent with small budget, but also getting far more richer when all the Indons all over Klang Valley bought their match tickets...the question is, was it a "Smart Partnership" or it just more to profit strategy (but we cannot denied that this players do make a big impact to selangor's road to victory). yes, it is a smart-partnership, in terms of recruiting a good players within a small budget then contributing to make the team account bigger, but what happen to our local talents??? since the day of Mokhtar Dahari, Arumugam, Zainal Abidin Hassan, Dollah Salleh...there's nobody in Selangor current team really fit to fill their shoes. Today, in Kosmo , Perak were reported trying to lure 2 Indon players, Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto (having a short stint with italian seria A team, Sampdoria during his hey day) and Boas Salossa (could make his way to selangor this year if not because of age barrier).....actually i would love to see our team pay more intention on nurturing the young talents by conducting a training stints or loan them to more higher level soccer league...i'm not talking about sending them to English Premier league team ( too costly maa..and our player would never get a chance to play their trade there)...what about sending to Autralian Soccer League...as we can see there are dozens of quality players there and the socceroos now is an AFC's member. There are many world class players produced by the league, don't tell me u don't know Harry Kewell (Liverpool), mark Viduka and Mark Schwarzer(Middlesbrough), Brett Emerton and Lucas Neil(Blackburn), Tim Cahill (Everton), Marco Bresciano(Parma), Craig moore (newcastle),Stan Lazaridis (Birmingham), Zeljko kalac (A.C Milan), John Aloisi (Alaves) were Australian, and some of their under 20 now playing under big european team like Nathan Coe and Carl Valeri (InterMilan), Tom Willis (Newcastle), Spase Dilevski (PSV Eindhoven),Scott McDonald (Southampton). Can u remember how was the impact given by lots of Austalian imports in our league before? remember Mehmet Durakovic, Dave Marshall,Robert Dunn, Ross Greer, Josip Biskic (Selangor), Alan Davidson (Pahang), Warren Spink, Joe caleta, Marshall Soper (Perak), Abbas Saad , Alistair Edwards, Darren Stewards(Johor), Scott Ollerenshaw (Sabah)David Evans (Sarawak).....besides that, there's also a pack of world cup players playing in Malaysia, such as Emile Mbouh Mbouh (Cameroon), Stephen Keshi (Nigeria), Karel Stromsik (Chechoslovakia)..what a pity..Good players keep on knocking our door but our so-called professional players still playing like school boys and easily acting like a Star player (in a land of blinds, one eye is a king )....Kejor Yob Kejor...

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indica said...

Nice insights. Keep it up.
I never heard of Bambang pamungkas till my niece told me the morning after..he's a s'gor import from Indon. Mmm..how I wish he's a local from meru or kapar or sijangkang.