Friday, January 06, 2006

Google's Braille

yesterday i'm on the net searchin an info on "electonic archive" from the internet, i favour Google as my "prime" search engine..somehow i get stunned when the Google's logo looks too different...a dots in blue, green, yellow and red, but i don't bother to know why that sign lookin like that. This morning while cleaning Ziyad's "pooh!" , this guy on tele's "Malaysia Hari Ini" shared the same experience, but he knows why it happens....yesterday was Louis Braille's birthday, so google decided to change their logo as a sign of appreciation to Louise Braille, no wonder the letters are in dots (just like M&M)....i'm not familiar with this Braille system and how it represent letters which i assumed aRoman Alphabet...but i do heard that there's also aversion for Japanese and arabic letters.

Google's Braille

Louise Braille

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indica said...

O ye...I used Google once i awhile too and I noticed those M&M dots , but just couldnt be bothered coz I thought it was a kinda graphic art from Google. Thanks for the info..